Creating Packages

Create packages to sell to your customers. Directly from your capper dashboard.


After completing onboarding, you’ll be presented with the package creation screen upon clicking the “Package Manager” tab in the header. This is the page where you may create your packages and manage publish/unpublished packages.

Creating a Package

Click the “+” button next to “Your Packages”. this will bring up a screen with the following fields to be filled out:

  • Title: The name of your package to be displayed publicly.
  • Description: Any extra details you may need to describe your package that isn’t included in the Title.
  • Plays Per Day: Enter the minimum players per day and the maximum plays per day.
  • Pricing Plans: Set a price and recurring period (one-time, weekly, monthly, 3 months, yearly). You are able to add and activate multiple pricig plans at once. You can deactivate a price by clicking the checkbox after adding a pricing plan. This is useful if you are offering discounted pricing or if you offer plans for extended periods that provide discounts.

After filling in the appropriate fields, click “Save New Package”.

Upon hitting save, your new package will be stored in the draft packages tab. Hit the “Publish Package” button on the package of your choice and this will make it open and available for purchase to the public.

Editing a Package

Packages can be edited after creating them to update information and add/deactivate pricing plans. Keep in mind that if you deactivate a pricing plan, anybody that purchased before you de-activated will held to the price at the time of the purchase.

Other Functionality

From the package manager screen, you also have the ability to send a message to your subscribers that will post to their feed, and view/add picks to packages that were entered from the pick loader or pick drop-box.

To learn how to add picks to packages, please visit the “Adding Picks to Packages”section.