Package Types

SDN offers recurring and one-time packages to sell to customers.

Package Types


When a user purchases one of your recurring packages, the users subscription will automatically be set to pay for the next pay period. If a user cancels, they will have access to your plays until the next payment date.

If a users payment fails on the payment date, they will be notified it failed and not receive any plays until they update their payment method.

One Time

When a user purchases one of your one-time packages, the user will receive plays on this package until you deactivate it. This allows you to create one time packages for any time range you specify in the package description, and the customer will have access until the end of that specified time.

This package remains active in a users profile and on your package dashboard. You must deactivate the package to remove from active section on profiles.

Manage Users


For your convenience, SDN manages all users’ payments, payment renewals/cancellations, and termination of users.

Termination Policy

If a user is suspected of sharing your picks or violating your terms of services, contact us immediately and we reserve the right to remove the user from receiving your packages.

Package State

  • Active: A package must be active to send plays. You can activate a package and deactivate at anytime as long as there are no users.

  • Published: A published package is available for sale on your public profile.

  • Active and Not Published: A package can be held in the active state and not published if you are currently working on a package or want to close of sales to a limited user group.

  • Deactivating a Package: You can deactivate any package that has no current recurring subscriptions. If you choose to deactivate a package that has subscriptions, you will cancel all subscriptions and end that package.

  • Reactivating a Package: You can reactivate a deactivated package at anytime and start selling again, however, you will need users to repurchase this package to restart their subscription.