Onboarding & Payouts

SDN takes a 15% commission + processing fees and offers payouts every Tuesday.

Recieving Payouts

Payouts are sent on Tuesday each week. All sales concluding at 11:59 AM Monday will be counted towards Tuesdays payout. You must configure your Stripe Connect payout account to recieve payouts.

Connecting Stripe Connect

Getting Started

To configure payouts, first go to your capper dashboard at www.capper.sportsdatanow.com. From there, head to the “package manager” tab in the header of your dashboard. On the first time visiting this page, you’ll be asked to onboard your stripe account and fill out some basic information.

Configure account

Enter Email and phone number.


Select Business Type

Individual - If you are acting as a sole proprietor with no formal business structure.

Company - If you have a formal LLC or Business Structure set up in your state of incorporation.

Nonprofit Organization - If you have a formal non-profit business structure set up in your state of incorporation.


Connect Bank Account

  • Bank Account - SDN payouts will go directly to your specified bank account.

  • Debit Card - SDN payouts will go to the balance of the debit card of your choice.


Confirm Details

  • Make sure to do one final review of all information before submitting, and you’re good to go! You’ll then be redirected back to the SDN Capper Dashboard.