Adding Picks to Packages

Add picks to your packages so your customers can receive them on our site.

For your customers to receive your plays, you must load your picks into your desired packages. Luckily we’ve made this an easy process for you, and guess what…it also submits your picks to be tracked for our bet tracking service!

You have two options for loading in picks. Both are on the “Bet Loader” tab and described below…

Instant Pick Dropbox

This is similar to the bet dropbox from the bet tracking page! In this modal, you can copy and paste your plays directly into the textbox, select the date these picks are set to take place, the packages you’d like to ad these too, and you’re done!

The only thing that’s important to remember is to make sure to follow the following format for submitting picks (the same as the bet dropbox):


For Straight Bets:


For Parlays:

Parlay [Parlay Odds][Units]
[Parlay Leg 1]
[Parlay Leg 2]


Eagles -7.5 -110 1u
Steelers/Ravens o37.5 -115 2u

Parlay [+120][0.25u]
Steelers ML
Eagles ML

Instant Pick Loader

This can be a preferred method for those with lower volume picks. Here you just need to submit your pick content, odds, date, units, and analysis (optional) in their respective boxes. From there, quick add the pick to packages and they’ll be delivered to customers!

In this mode, parlays hav etheir own screen where you can enter the total odds of the parlay, the total units, and each respective leg of the parlay. For each leg, enter the pick content, odds, and date and continue hitting “add parlay entry” until all legs are in!

After you’re all done, hit the submit button at the bottom!