Receiving Plays

Customers will receive capper plays through our main site at

How Customers Purchase Your Plays

Plays may be purchased by bettors by going to your public profile page and hitting the “purchase picks” button below your profile picture or by switching to the “Packages” tab located next to analytics at the top of the page.

From there they’ll be brought to a page to view all the packages and pricing plans you offer. They can click a specific plan, complete checkout, and they’ll be all set to receive plays in the marketplace section of the app at

How Customers Receive Your Plays

Once picks are loaded into packages, customers will be able to view their plays on our main site, by clicking the “marketplace” header at the top and the “Feed” or “Purchased” tab. They will then be able to cancel, auto-renew, and see all their purchases on the “purchased” tab of the marketplace portion of our app.

Future additions will be coming to how customers will receive their plays…